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the new pub

weekly live writing group

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a weekly live writing community

Welcome to The New Pub, a weekly, multi-fandom (and original fiction) live writing community!

Who We Are

We are everyone.

Ok, not really.

We are a multi-fandom live writing community. This is exactly what it says on the tin. Every week we gather in chat and on LJ to write short fics in a set time limit based on given prompts.

We owe our start to queerditch_pub, the Harry Potter-themed original, where hllangel and fortysixthhour met and fell in love used to play.

What we do

The goal of the community is simple: Stretch our writing fingers and have fun.

Every Saturday at 4 PM EST (1 PST) anyone who wants to come play can join us in our IRC chatroom. There will be between 3 and 5 rounds, with 20 minutes to write and 20 minutes off. Between each round, we read and comment on our fellow writer’s work, relax and chat.

There will be a theme each week, and some prompts may have a suggested fandom. However, all fandoms and original work are encouraged, no matter what the suggestions are.

How does this work?

The basics are: join chat and write. If you just want to come and hang out, come hang out. Details of the chat and how to join every week will be posted prior to writing time.

There will be a post each week to determine which prompts and suggested fandoms will be used in the Saturday writing rounds. We welcome any and all suggestions, but the mods reserve the right to knock out the big repeat fandoms if they’re hogging the limelight. This does not mean that you are banned from writing it.

Basic Rules
Be nice.

This is a place for writing and commenting. Let’s keep it that way.

We will keep anon commenting on until/unless the abuse starts. In which case: a) you know who you are; and b) this is why we can’t have nice things, so knock it off.


1. How long does my fic have to be?
We don't hold to strict wordcounts. You write as much as you want to/can write in the prompted time.

2. What if I’m not finished when time is called?
Finish. Then post when you’re done. The time limits are encouragements, not deadlines.

3. What if I don’t write? Can I still hang out?

4a. Can I submit prompts?
Yes. On the Wednesday evening before each writing day, we will put up a post requesting prompts based on that week’s theme. You will then have until Friday at midnight to comment with your prompts for that week.

4b. Can I submit fandoms for consideration?
Yes, you can submit a suggested fandom with any prompt(s) you submit. However, we reserve the right not to include suggested fandoms if that fandom is overwhelmingly suggested that week!

5. Can I publish somewhere else and link back?
We would prefer that the first posting is in a comment in the Pub, because the purpose is to gather together and write and chat about it. Feel free to crosspost like mad afterwords.

6. My question isn’t on this page. Where can I get it answered?
Either comment on a mod post or send an email to writingpub@gmail.com. It will be answered before the next live write.

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